About Our Shop

Rockaway Opals offers gem quality Black Opals and more.

Scott Glendinning

Designer / Owner

In the 1950's as a young boy, I began to collect rocks and minerals.  Every now and then, I would have saved enough of my allowance to purchase an Australian Opal which would be offered in the classifieds of a Gem and Mineral magazine.  The month or so wait was usually worth it.  My early fascination for opal never left me.  

In recent years I have paid particular attention to Black Opals, especially those mined in Australia.  I have sought out miners, cutters, and dealers who are experts in the field to learn as much as I can about Black Opals.  After much work, I have become a proficient cutter and carver of opal.  I now have a superb collection of cut opal for sale.  

DeAnn Owens


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